Video for 'BONDS' OUT NOW! are an indie rock band from Cologne, whose first EP 'Malfection' was released in summer 2019. With songs that tell more about love than the bare truth, driving indie rock meets the sound of Foals and MGMT, reminiscent of somber pieces whose industrial influences would also appeal to a Trent Reznor.

Truth is awk.ward, love is

And to be honest: as an anti-social and aspiring live band, it is sometimes as difficult as high school teenagers à la Donnie Darko. Nobody believes your visions.
So where to put the energy?
In the case of, it is handed over to the audience because there is only one moment of truth: the stage, the concert, the song.

Yes, want to seduce you, but the quality of the band undoubtedly lies in shaking the big gesture casually from the sleeve.

Text: Christian Benckendorff 

Upcoming Concerts

05.03.20 Tsunami Club, Cologne (support for HYMMJ)
26.04.20 c/o Pop Festival, Cologne
10.05.20 Artheater, Cologne 
18.09.20 Junction Bar, Berlin (+THALA)

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